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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book my stand-up paddleboards?


You can book your kit by using our contact details on this website, we will then get back in touch to confirm the booking, take a deposit and make sure we reserve the correct kit for you.


When should I book?


In order that we can ensure you get the equipment you want and that we can get it to you when and wherever you want, it would be best if you book as early as possible.


How do I pay?


You can pay by credit/debit card over the phone or BACS transfer.


What does my booking include?


Your booking includes delivery and pick up to and from your home, holiday

accommodation, or place you want to paddle (*subject to a minimum hire charge).

Each board comes with a paddle, pump, storage bag and leash. We can also

provide roof rack straps and dry bags if required. You will also have access to our

website and guidebook which has loads of information to help you plan your



How accessible is paddle boarding?


Paddle boarding is open to everyone who are competent swimmers, even if you

have no previous water sports experience. Our boards are the latest models and

super stable so it is usually a quick and enjoyable learning curve.


How safe is paddle boarding?


Paddle boarding is a very safe activity, as long as some simple guidelines are followed which are all about paddling within your ability and being aware of the weather and water conditions. More information on this can be found on our website and we are always available to advise.


Should I wear a wetsuit?


We would recommend wearing a wetsuit of some sort whilst paddle boarding - not only does it offer some warmth if you go in the water but also from possible wind chill and sun protection. It also adds a certain element of flotation.


Should I have a buoyancy aid on?


We recommend that all people who hire our boards wear a buoyancy aid. Please see our section on ‘safety kit’ for more information. We are able to hire buoyancy aids at a small extra cost.  We do not recommend our paddle boards for non swimmers.



Can children use the boards?


Yes we have some smaller boards for children and our paddles will adjust to smaller sizes.  We  wouldn't recommend that children under 10 paddle solo.


How do I transport the boards?


Being easily inflatable you can deflate the boards and fit them into a bag which we provide, this is the size of a medium size rucksack. The paddles are telescopic and so fold down easily. You can easily put four boards in the boot of an average family car. If you want to keep you boards inflated whilst you have them on hire then they can go on your roof rack or direct onto the roof with straps that we can provide. A single board weighs just over 10kgs.


What if I have a problem with the kit during the hire period?


As we are a local company to you, we should be able to repair or replace anything that might be a problem during your hire very quickly.


What about insurance?


Our insurance covers you for public liability should you have an incident involving damaging someone else's property. We advise you take out personal activity insurance for paddle boarding, we do not have cover for this. The equipment you hire is your responsibility and should be returned to us in good order, this is all in our terms and conditions.

Can I buy a board if I want to after the hire?


Yes of course we can help you with this, plus we always sell off our stock at the end of each season - keep an eye on our Facebook page.

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