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Our Story


Based in Bantham, in the heart of the South Hams in Devon, we have been offering outdoor experiences since 1994. We started by offering young people the opportunity to enjoy exciting, creative and safe outdoor experiences utilising the wonderful natural opportunities in the outdoors that we are blessed with in South Devon.


SUP Away has developed as a result of the growth in the popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and seeing the opportunities that exist for people both young and old to have adventures, keep fit and explore nature from a unique perspective.


We are proud to have long standing relationships with many of our clients over a long period of time, reflecting our positive relationships, reliability and excellent service. We have many clients who have been with us since the start of the business and who enjoy using our services on an annual basis.

Why Book SUP Away? 

Having your paddle boards delivered to you, or hiring for the duration of your holiday, is not such an unusual thing to do - it is much the same as hiring your skis when you go on a ski holiday. You get the latest kit each year and it is top quality and new, you don’t have to worry about transporting them to and from your home location or taking up lots of space at your home and you can just give it all back at the end.


Having the boards with you for a longer period during your holiday, gives you more flexibility around when you go, maybe a sunrise/sunset paddle or when the weather or tides are just right. You can also go to many locations and explore many estuaries, creeks and the coastline without being tied to one place or a fixed time of day.


In addition to this SUP Away has a vast amount of experience in the outdoor industry meaning that we are very much aware of the bigger picture and what can make your overall experience more enjoyable, educational, fun and above all safe.


Through the website and contact support with our specialised team we aim to provide you with as much information as possible from giving you some paddling skills tips, recommended trips to do, things to see and safety guidelines. 

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